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’nuff said.


Disonaur Featured in Rocksmith

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If you guys haven’t heard about Rocksmith check it out…

“Space Ostrich” is the music for the minigame Quickpick Dash, and featured as an unlockable song.

“good bye bird” now available on iTunes!!!

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Hello all,

Well, after 4 years my album is finally done and available for download.

It takes a lot of people to make a record, and since “good bye bird” is currently only available digitally I wanted to take a second to credit those people now. If I missed you and you feel hurt, please email me and I’ll right the wrong.

  • Greg Korn (fucking amazing Artist and Animator)
  • Scott McDowell (drum session Recording Engineer)
  • Shawn Hatfield (extremely patient Mastering Engineer)
  • Brian Ostreicher (bad ass Drums on tracks 4,6 and 7)
  • Nathan Blaz (Cello on track 3)
  • Chris Thorne (Bassist on track 3)
  • Joe Rauen (Horns on track 7 and constant inspiration to my existence)
  • Larry Stone (3am devices Webmaster)
  • Paul Thorne
  • Mike Epley
  • Darwin Grosse
  • Accordion Apocalypse (the only accordion repair shop in San Francisco)
  • Jaden (my adorable friend’s son calls me uncle Nick and named the band. Disonaur is how he says dinosaur. die-sonar)

You, the listener, have a multitude of ways of enjoying this little creation. If you like supporting local artists (me!) you can go to iTunes and buy the album (THANKYOU). While you’re there, a comment or review would be much appreciated ^___^. On the other hand, if you’re not sure about me, which few people are, you can download the album for free via 3am devices. 3am devices has some awesome artists, most of whom are close friends, who deserve your undivided attention.

For Now, I decided not to make physical CDs. Greg and I are still finishing the animated music video for MyLoveILove, which I wanted to include on any physical release, so I decided to wait.

Ok guys, well, there are more things coming down the pipeline soon so follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my RSS feed and I’ll try to keep things interesting for you.

Until then, happy listening.